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If you're new into this market, or perhaps a new or re-branded product, getting access to key decision makers and sellers at retail level can be quite difficult without prior relationships. If un-familiar with the travel industry, commission structures and the growing world of online and social media can also be quite daunting. This is where Coconuts Travel Marketing comes in. We work with a hotel or resort and their teams on developing the product, increasing the knowledge of staff and of course increasing sales whilst maximising every revenue opportunity.

We're hands on and no project too big or small. We have contacts across the world and do regular sales trips to the US, Europe and Asia as well as our key markets Australia and New Zealand. We're able to assist with one off projects such as developing niche dive, conference or wedding programmes or we can look after your complete sales & marketing, and will work with you on a budget and strategy that suits your product best.

For products with limited budget we give you the opportunity to share resources so sales calls may be split amongst 3-4 non-conflicting products hence you get far more exposure for less. We will advise you of our plan in advance and your feedback and input is always welcomed. We work with you to grow sales whilst giving you the best return on investment.


The critical aspect - making money!

Hotel or Resort Contracting and Price Strategy

We will research your market position, assist you in formulating a long-term pricing strategy, write and release wholesale contracts, negotiate with wholesalers, complete contract forms and ensure your hotel or resort is featured in wholesale programmes.

Tactical Sales and Campaigns

We can negotiate campaign placement, cost and the special deal to increase sales whilst maximising a return on investment.

Optimising Yield and Revenue for Hotels & Resorts

We will review your short term and seasonal pricing strategy, break down occupancy vs ADR by market, including online and direct and assist you in optimising yield and revenue.

Sales Training and Presentations

We already have strong relationships with Product managers, wholesale and retail consultants and will ensure they are confident on understanding and selling your hotel or resort.

Relationship Building

We maintain regular ongoing contact with key decision makers on your behalf.

Corporate Proposal design and Pitch

We can design proposals and presentations and pitch these to corporates, PCO's and new parties for MICE business.

Design and Implementation of Sales Incentive Programmes

We will work with you and our key partners on incentive programmes to increase sales at wholesale and retail levels.

Organisation of Familiarisations and Educationals

We can organise all famils including sourcing agents, escorting if necessary and following up to ensure your hotel or resort is kept top of mind.

Representation at Consumer and Trade Shows

We will register, set up and attend any shows required with effective selling and representation of your hotel and resort.


The pretty stuff, making sure its consistent and correctly portrays your product.

Hotel or Resort Marketing Plan and Strategy

We will research and analyse your market, competitors, positioning and current success factors and failures. We will then devise a comprehensive plan with strategy and recommended way forward.

Identifying your Target Market

We will identify who you should be targeting, where and how to pitch your hotel or resort.

Competitor Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your hotel or resorts strengths and positioning against competitors and review annually.

Trend and Market Analysis including Forecasting

We can predict where the market is heading, what external factors will have an impact and recommend a strategy to ensure you're ahead of the game for the next 2-3 years.

Negotiation of Wholesaler Brochure Placement and Proofing

We will negotiate with travel wholesalers on your behalf regarding being featured in brochures and can take care of writing text, submitting images and proofing for sign off.

Hotel or Resort Image and Brand Development and Maintenance

We recognise the importance of a brand at all levels and can assist with maintaining the image throughout all collateral including onsite.

Assistance in creation of Marketing Material

We can write, produce and print brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, gifts and any other marketing material required to sell your hotel or resort.

Electronic e-marketing Newsletters

We distribute our own quarterly newsletter to a comprehensive worldwide database on new specials, developments, refurbishments, etc for our clients.
We can also create this same service for you and your previous guests, ideal to target them to come back again

Guest incentive and referral programs

We can design and assist you with maintenance of a guest incentive and referral programme to encourage repeat guests.

Public relations for hotels and resorts

The fluffy stuff so people learn or see more about your product without paying for it.

Public Relations if done well and with the right publications can be a good way to increase publicity and awareness without spending a lot of money.

Press and Media Releases

We'll write and distribute all your media releases and work with you to publicise new developments and your unique features.

Working with Media

We'll take care of your advertising and will give you a budget in advance of which publications will best suit you and your strategy.
We will try to get as much editorial coverage for you as we can in appropriate publications, and competitions are a great way to increase publicity and awareness without costing a lot.

Media Familiarisations

We will target publications we've identified together to have them experience and write about your product, including invitations, itinerary planning and escort, if required.

Online for hotels and resorts

The online world and converting.

Hotel and Resort Online Strategy

We will review your current online activity and Google Analytics reports and look at other opportunities or gaps in the market that you could be targeting.

Social Media and Maintenance

We can help you with ideas for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and making it work for your hotel or resort.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

We can work with you on a competitive online strategy to suit your hotel or resort. We'll regularly review the content and liaise with the OTA's on your behalf to ensure they're producing.

Online Advertising

We can put together an online advertising campaign with you to grow direct sales and will work with you on a budget, goals and regularly review performance.

Channel Managers

We'll assist you with understanding Channel Managers, how they work and ongoing maintenance.

Review of your own Website

We will review your own website and give you some tips and advice to increase conversion. Is it easy to use and understand? Is there an online booking engine?

Events in hotels and resorts

Filling your gaps and thinking outside the square.

Special Events are a great way to fill low season periods and if done well could be an annual event guaranteeing future business.

Conception and Development of Special Events

We will brainstorm ideas with you about potential events that will attract people to travel overseas, and research potential success or failures before committing.

Event Negotiation and liaising with Suppliers

We'll work with you to deliver a concept to event organisers and negotiate with suppliers whilst limiting cost.

Event Proposals and Pitching to Sponsors

We can put together and pitch sponsorship proposals to assist with funding and suport.

Event Design and releasing Marketing Material

We can take care of all your event marketing material including brochures, flyers, websites, social media, etc.

Successful Staging of an Event

We can assist you with organisation and coordination to stage a successful event.

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